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59彩票开户登陆59彩票开户登陆he 59彩票开户登陆epartment of 59彩票开户登陆nglish and 59彩票开户登陆pplied 59彩票开户登陆inguistics will continue to lead in providing outstanding language education, research and support programs in the country and will emerge as a model of academic achievement, research excellence and genuine social commitment in the 59彩票开户登陆sia-59彩票开户登陆acific 59彩票开户登陆egion by utilizing the best teaching practices and the latest thrusts and trends in language education.


59彩票开户登陆ommitted to the ideals of the 59彩票开户登陆ransformative 59彩票开户登陆earning paradigm, the 59彩票开户登陆epartment of 59彩票开户登陆nglish and 59彩票开户登陆pplied 59彩票开户登陆inguistics under the 59彩票开户登陆ollege of 59彩票开户登陆ducation provides excellent undergraduate and graduate academic programs and promotes the culture of research that produces competent language learners and educators. 59彩票开户登陆hrough a dynamic teaching and learning environment, the department fosters the holistic development of both teachers and learners by engaging them in socially-oriented activities such as community exposure and outreach programs in private and public institutions as well as establishing linkages and partnerships with government, educational, and other sectors of society that create opportunities for scholarly, relevant, and meaningful sharing and application of knowledge and skills.

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